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5 advantages of solar panels
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5 Advantages of Solar Panels

More and more properties across the UK are having solar panels installed on their roof. In fact, by 2025, it’s estimated that almost a million homes will be able to harness energy from the sun with their own panels.

But what are the advantages of solar panels? Why exactly are homeowners and property developers having them installed? Read on as we take a closer look.

1. Cost-saving

Above all else, solar panels save you money. They convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which can be fed directly into your home. In turn, that means you use less energy from the national grid which immensely saves you money on your energy bill.

That means, you guessed it, solar panels will typically pay for themselves. Based on the average cost of a solar panel installation, homeowners will have saved more than they paid initially after around 6-10 years.

2. Environmentally friendly

Did you know that fossil fuels still account for 43% of national grid electricity? That’s combined with a whopping 16.8% from nuclear, which is still far from eco-friendly despite having no greenhouse gas emissions.

With your own solar panels, you can access your own clean, renewable solar energy to reduce your impact on the environment.

3. Long-lasting

Let’s face it – some home improvements just don’t stand the test of time. That can be really frustrating when you’ve had to part ways with your hard-earned money. Fortunately, longevity is another advantage of solar panels.

Modern solar panels will largely last upwards of 40 years. Even better, they come with a warranty that covers over half its lifespan. At P4, typically the solar panels we sell come with a 25-30 year warranty, as well as an insurance-backed warranty to protect you from any faults. So, you can rest assured your solar panels will last long enough to pay for themselves – and beyond.

4. Independence

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a big day ahead working from home – or just a cosy night in watching a film. Then the power goes.

When you’re reliant on the national grid, power cuts are a nightmare. With your own solar panels, complete with a solar battery, you can have your own energy reserve on standby when things don’t go to plan.

5. Selling point

Given all of the solar panel advantages discussed above, it’s no surprise that they are also a major selling point for many buyers. After all, who wouldn’t want something that saves you money, makes you more eco-friendly and can eliminate power cuts?

Solar panels can attract more buyers, add value to your home and even make sales quicker.

Experience the advantages of solar panels

From helping the environment to saving you money, solar panels have a number of advantages that other home improvements simply can’t compete with. P4 Solar is readily on hand to bring those advantages to you and your property.

With years of experience and a selection of industry-leading products, our MCS-approved installers can always provide a solar panel solution to suit your circumstances and budget. Contact us today on 0333 344 63 69 or email info@p4technologies.co.uk to find out more.

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