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Commercial Solar Return On Investment

Understanding Trapezoidal Roofs

Due to their robust design and efficiency, trapezoidal roofs are popular for commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices, and barns. This is where the commercial solar return on investment also takes centre stage. 

Characterised by a ribbed pattern and four sides with only one parallel pair, these roofs are distinct from the repetitive wavy pattern of corrugated roofs.

Favoured by manufacturers for their high strength-to-weight ratio, trapezoidal roofs offer excellent material efficiency and structural integrity. 

They can withstand heavy loads, including snow, wind uplifts, and solar panels.

Solar Panels and Trapezoidal Roofs

Installing solar panels is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses with metal trapezoidal roofs. 

The expansive surface area of these roofs makes them ideal for solar panel placement, allowing businesses to leverage economies of scale. This results in cheaper solar panels and significant return on investment. 

solar panel mounting

How to Fit Solar Panels on Trapezoidal Roofs

Mounting solar panels on trapezoidal roofs is straightforward and similar to standard on-roof solutions. 

The key difference lies in securing the rails to the ridges of the ribbed structure using self-tapping screws and rivets

Products such as solar panel rivets ensure a quick, precise installation, guaranteeing durability and longevity. 

This method safeguards against wind and rain, keeping the panels close to the roof and ensuring optimal performance.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial properties with trapezoidal metal roofs often face high energy bills. 

However, installing commercial solar panels can provide a superior return on investment.  

By investing in trapezoidal solar panel mounting systems, businesses can significantly reduce energy expenses while benefiting from these roofs' structural advantages. 

With competitive pricing and the potential for substantial energy savings, now is the perfect time to consider solar panel installation for your commercial property.

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