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AFC Monton - Manchester M28

afc monton panels 2
How we helped

AFC Monton desired to lower their energy bills due to the increment in electricity prices at the football club. Therefore, thanks to Paul (a previous P4 customer and member of AFC Monton), P4 got in touch to help combat their energy crisis.

After various discussions, visits to site, and energy consumption analysis, a 28-panel system was deemed best fit for the club. This ensuring when the club house is in operation, the solar panels cover the demands of the electrical usage. Furthermore, on days where the club isn’t being used, the generated solar earns a sufficient passive income for the club.

Importantly, a hybrid inverter was installed which enables a battery storage system to be fitted at a later date. Ultimately, this future proofing the system in case AFC Monton’s evening consumption increases.


In aid of sponsoring AFC Monton, P4 have pledged to grant £150 for every install which is resultant of the football club. Additionally, we were present at AFC Monton’s annual ‘V Festival’ to help raise environmental sustainability awareness. We hope to continue our relationship with AFC Monton, and look forward to see the football grow on and off the field.

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Key Details

AFC Monton
Project Completed:
System Size:
11.48 KW
Number of Solar Panels:
Solar Battery Storage Size:
Estimated Annual Output:
9781 kWh
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