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Ben Rhydding (De Mohicanen) Scout & Guide Group

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How we helped

Ben Rhydding Scout & Guide Group, one of Yorkshire's largest Scouting and Guiding groups, has a membership of over 250 young individuals. Scouts & Guides actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. Their activities also serve the local community through volunteering and fundraising efforts. The Group had already made significant improvements to its headquarters to reduce their energy use and wanted to achieve a net zero building in operation. Thanks to a previous customer referral, The Scout & Guide Group reached out to P4 Solar with the desire to adopt solar panels; this with the aim to reduce overheads so that the group could continue to operate sustainably. Recognising the significance of this endeavour, P4 Solar was eager to contribute to the betterment of the Group and its surroundings.

Stage 1: Initial Site Visit

P4 Solar initiated the project with a thorough site visit to assess the feasibility of installing solar panels at the property. The examination revealed two large south-facing roofs, ideal for optimal solar panel placement to maximise energy savings year-round. Recognising the property's high energy consumption during the evening, P4 Solar recommended integrating a battery storage system to capture surplus solar energy generated during the day. This strategic approach aimed to ensure the group's energy independence and maximise savings.

Stage 2: System Design

Building upon the insights gained from the site visit, P4 Solar developed a tailored system design considering roof orientations and the need for battery storage. Multiple system configurations were proposed, culminating in a 38-panel solar array paired with an 11.6 kWh battery storage solution. This comprehensive design projected to produce 14,281 kWh per year, covering 71% of the property's electricity demand. To mitigate shading issues from nearby trees, Tigo Optimizers were incorporated to enhance solar panel performance. With an initial rate of return of 25%, the investment was expected to be recouped within four years.

Stage 3: Engineer Site Survey

Upon approval of the solar and battery solution by the Scout & Guide Group Board of Trustees, P4 Solar conducted an engineer site survey to assess the roof's structural integrity and confirm the installation feasibility. The survey affirmed the project's viability, paving the way for the planned system implementation.

Stage 4: Installation

P4 Solar utilised Fasensol mini rails for the installation of the solar panels onto the metal roofs. The process began by securely fastening the rails onto the roofing structure; Fasensol rails, known for their lightweight yet robust design, were carefully attached to the roof using specialised clamps. This method ensured a durable and weather-resistant connection without compromising the integrity of the metal roof. Once the rails were in place, the solar panels were mounted. This step involved aligning the panels with the rails and fixing them firmly to secure the solution. The use of Fasensol mini rails minimised the need for additional penetrations or modifications, streamlining the installation process and ensuring optimal performance of the solar panels for years to come.

A very special mention to Sam Rook Scaffolding, who facilitated the scaffolding erection under extremely short notice. Moreover, doing this at cost price to help the Scout and Guide Group. SR scaffolding is always exemplary and enables the installation of our solar panels to be seamless and stress-free.

Following the mounting of the panels, P4 Solar proceeded with the electrical aspect of the project, incorporating a Solax 10 kW hybrid inverter along with two Solax 5.8 kWh batteries. The comprehensive setup included cabling, isolators, and generation meters to ensure the safety and functionality of the solar/battery system. Upon commissioning, the Scout & Guide Group gained real-time visibility into the system's performance, witnessing a remarkable output of 205.1kWh within the initial week, even amidst the dreary February weather.

This successful collaboration between P4 Solar, Ben Rhydding Scout & Guide Group, and supporting partners, exemplifies the transformative potential of solar energy and battery storage solutions in community settings. Thanks to the installation, the Scout & Guide Group have now planted 100 trees in Madagascar as part of P4’s Plant a Tree Campaign.

Help your local community

Ben Rhydding Scout & Guide Group is a charitable organisation, and the successful installation was made possible through the generous contributions of many individuals and businesses in the community including Ilkley Town Council Green Space & Sustainability Fund. With this collective support, this amazing community driven organisation has been able to invest in a new solar panel and battery storage solution. This will enable the Group to use its funds on supporting its young members instead of rising energy bills, as well as engage and educate their members on renewable energy and sustainability in action.

To further support this vital hub for young people in West Yorkshire, Ben Rhydding Scout & Guide Group has initiated a 'sponsor a panel' program. This initiative invites individuals, families, and businesses to sponsor a panel, contributing to the organisation's ongoing sustainability efforts. More information is available below:

Just Giving Campaign

For every solar panel system that the Ben Rhydding Scout and Guide Group refer P4 Solar will donate £250 to the Group. This mutually beneficial partnership not only promotes renewable energy adoption, but also supports the invaluable services provided by Ben Rhydding Scout & Guide Group to the local community.

Customer comments
"Ben Rhydding (De Mohicanen) Scout & Guide Group had the pleasure of working with P4 Solar on the solar and battery system for our Group Headquarters. P4 Solar were fantastic! They patiently guided us through the process and worked diligently to design a system that maximised the solar output of our roof, sought to capitalise on pay back periods and export opportunities - all whilst always being conscious of our budget and operational constraints as we are a charity organisation run purely by volunteers. P4 Solar really went above and beyond to support us - their passion for renewable energy was contagious, they have been very generous with their time and knowledge. Everyone from the initial call to final installation have been professional, friendly and approachable. A huge thank you from all the scouts and guides at 1st Ben Rhydding!"
Natasha Connolly, Board of Trustees, Ben Rhydding (De Mohicanen) Scout & Guide Group
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Key Details

Ben Rhydding (De Mohicanen) Scout & Guide Group
Ben Rhydding
Project Completed:
System Size:
16.15 KW
Number of Solar Panels:
Estimated Annual Output:
14281 kWh
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