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Bryan Western - Knaresborough, HG5

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How we helped

P4 Solar embarked on a project aimed at bolstering energy efficiency for a residential client by integrating battery storage with their pre-existing solar panel system. The incorporation of a 12.8kWh battery storage system was strategically aligned with the customer's utilisation of the Octopus Energy Cosy tariff, facilitating optimal energy consumption and cost-saving endeavours. Furthermore, the integration was meticulously tailored to complement the customer's air source heat pump, ensuring a holistic and sustainable energy solution.

Client Background

Based in Knaresborough, Bryan initially installed a solar panel system to harness renewable energy sources. Seeking to enhance energy efficiency, he expressed interest within integrating battery storage into his existing setup. With a keen eye on maximising savings, Bryan desired to utilise off-peak energy rates by storing cheap rate electricity in the batteries for later home use. Additionally, the client currently enjoyed substantial annual earnings from a Feed-In-Tariff (FIT), underscoring the need for a system that seamlessly preserved this lucrative arrangement.

Solution Provided by P4 Solar

P4 Solar conducted a thorough assessment of the client's energy requirements and current infrastructure. Subsequently, the team proposed the integration of a 12.8kWh solar battery storage solution to complement the existing solar panel system. This solution was intricately designed to enable Bryan to store surplus solar energy generated during the day and utilise it during peak demand periods. Furthermore, utilising off-peak downloads to the batteries when electricity rates are more economical.

Integration with Octopus Energy Cosy Tariff

The integration of battery storage seamlessly harmonised with the Octopus Energy Cosy tariff, which offers discounted rates during off-peak hours. By strategically charging the batteries during periods of low demand, Bryan can effectively achieve substantial cost savings.

Maximising Energy Savings with Air Source Heat Pump

Alongside solar panels and battery storage, Bryan’s energy-saving strategy featured an air source heat pump. P4 Solar ensured that the integration of battery storage complemented the operation of the existing heat pump, further enhancing energy efficiency and diminishing reliance on conventional energy sources.

Outcome and Benefits

The integration of battery storage with Bryan’s pre-existing solar panel system proved transformative. By capitalising on the Octopus Energy Cosy tariff and optimising energy usage with the air source heat pump, Bryan now reaps substantial energy savings.

Ultimately, P4 Solar empowered the client to heighten energy efficiency, reduce expenses, and contribute to a more environmentally conscious future.

Customer comments
From start to finish a wonderful experience. Got our batteries and hybrid inverter installed much earlier than expected and all working brilliantly. Fred needs a medal as he must have answered hundreds of questions I threw at him: incredibly supportive both in the process of finding out about the systems and in the follow up. Why go with anyone else?
Bryan Western: Trustpilot Review
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Key Details

Bryan Western
Project Completed:
System Size:
12.8 kWh
Number of Solar Panels:
Solar Battery Storage Size:
12.8 kWh
Estimated Annual Output:
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