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Conrad Hart-Brooke - Leeds, LS26

east west facing solar panel installations leeds
How we helped
Prior to enquiring about solar, many people have the preconception that east and west facing installations have little value in comparison to south facing. However, with adequate roof space available, E/W facing solar panels can perform extremely well and be a viable option when considering solar. As demonstrated within Conrad's case study, he has driven great performance via an E/W solar panel array, coupled with a battery storage solution.

After consulting with P4 Solar, it was agreed the best tailored solution was to opt for a Lux Dual Squirrel Pod system; this enabling Conrad to charge and discharge at 7kWh with the attempt to minimise the use of the National Grid as much as possible. Consequently, his 18-panel solar system coupled with 12.8kWh of battery storage meant that the surplus solar generated from the panels will go to his batteries and be utilised at the best cost-effective time. Nonetheless, Conrad’s annual consumption is very high; having an orthodox domestic solar system would mean that when his house demands 4+ kWh, he would still have to draw from the grid as standard domestic inverters cannot discharge above 4kWh. Therefore, by adopting the Lux Dual Squirrel Pod system ensured that when his house demands 7kWh and below, the system will sufficiently discharge, so, mitigating use from the grid.

In addition, Conrad was advised from P4 to switch to the Octopus Flux tariff; this enabling him to import (buy electricity from the grid) off-peak energy to his batteries at £0.17p-£0.20p/kWh between 02:00-05:00. In result, he can fill up his batteries at a reduced price, to power his home, in conjunction with his solar panels. Also, via this tariff, Conrad can export (sell energy back to the grid) during the day between £0.18p-£0.23p/kWh. Additionally, between 16:00-19:00 he exports at a peak rate of £0.29p-£0.36p/kWh to heighten energy earnings even further. This all being feasible via the monitoring app provided by P4 Solar which enables Conrad to set charge/discharge times from his batteries to utilise the Octopus Flux tariff.

Via Conrad utilising his solar and battery storage system in cohesion with Octopus Flux has equated to fantastic energy savings. In July 2023, Conrad imported 475.43kWh of electricity through utilising the overnight charging feature and on a few rare occasions, throughout the day (Figure 1). Overall, this equated to spending £103.93 on electricity throughout the month. Importantly, this would result in an annual spend of £1,768.6 in accordance with the current energy price match guarantee of £0.31p/kWh. However, as seen in Figure 1, Conrad’s export for the month of July was 825.87kWh. Ultimately, by utilising his monitoring app and modifying battery discharge times, Conrad earned £194.43 for his exported solar energy in July.

Figure 1:

figure 1 octopus energy savings with solar panels

As seen in Figure 2, Conrad’s average import cost was £0.19.64p/kWh from the 9th May – 9th August. This equated to 15.6kWh on average being bought from the grid every day, thus, spending £321.022 within the 90 days on imported electricity. However, Conrad’s average export earning was £0.25.77p/kWh; the export figure being an average of 27.87kWh per day. Therefore, within the 90 days, Conrad earned a whopping £646.46 for his exported solar.

Figure 2:

figure 2 exported solar earnings

Key Findings:

  • East and west orientations for solar panels drive high performance.
  • Within this period, Conrad on average got paid £108.48 per month, thus, did not have an energy bill to pay.
  • Using his monitoring app, Conrad heightened his earnings through utilising the Octopus Flux export incentives.
  • Again, through the monitoring app and Octopus Flux, Conrad imported off-peak electricity to store on his batteries to power his home. This heightening energy savings via mitigating import from the grid during daylight/peak hours.
  • Having a Lux Dual Squirrel Pod increases Conrad’s charge/discharge capabilities, therefore, increasing the rate of importing/exporting electricity. Thus, greatening energy earnings and savings over a standardised domestic hybrid inverter.

In summary, by adopting a solar and battery storage system, individuals, families and businesses can mitigate payments to the National Grid. As seen with Conrad, you can in fact get paid more than what you purchase electricity for; within 3 months, Conrad earned 200% more than his electricity payments. Overall, with the correct system in place and utilising solar panels and battery storage, you can not only become off-grid, but you can make a net profit.

Customer comments
“I found P4 Solar via a recommendation on a cycle forum. Four companies were suggested by different folk and I contacted them all for quotes and suggested installs. Peter (owner) of P4Solar emailed and then called to discuss options on what I wanted. A couple of companies just wanted to sell me their standard package of c10 panels and a DC coupled inverter and 5 to 7kw battery. Peter however enthused about the AC coupled Lux Squirrel pods which allow much faster charge and discharge rates than most systems. Best of all the importer is in Bradford, so nice to know its local to me in Leeds if needed. Due to a delay with a commercial contract they were able to fit me in at very short notice (14 days!). Scaffold went up without hitch, and the day of the install came. This was late Feb on the weekend we had the gales. It was unsafe to fit, so with minimal fuss the team rescheduled for start of following week to install. Panels went on with not fuss, a few broken tiles were replaced with identical replacements. The kit is all in the loft. The electrician had a few issues getting the kit connected to the internet but kept going till sorted. I have also had a few user questions that needed me to contact the office. Freddie (Peter’s son) is always on hand to answer and help. I had some minor delays in scaffold removal, but nothing worth losing a star over. Overall, I am really happy with the Lux Squirrelpod kit and associated PV gubbins, since beginning of March we have generated more than we have used, so effectively off grid (or at least 80% self generating). With tariffs like Octopus flux a system like mine (E/W facing with 18 panels and 12.8kw of Greenlinx batteries) will pay for itself in less than 8 years and will generate most of our electricity for 8 months of the year. So thumbs up on the brand of kit, and thumbs up for p4solar as their coms and support and installation has been brilliant.”
Conrad Hart-Brooke : Trustpilot Review
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Key Details

Conrad Hart-Brooke 
Leeds, LS26
Project Completed:
System Size:
7.29 KW 
Number of Solar Panels:
Solar Battery Storage Size:
12.8 kWh 
Estimated Annual Output:
5256 kWh 
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