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James Williams - Halifax, HX2

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How we helped

James desires to have solar at a later date, however, in the time being still wanted to reduce his energy bill. Therefore, at P4 Solar, we created a system which strategised towards utilising off-peak half hourly rates to fill up a battery storage system to power his Halifax home. Therefore, to do this and mitigate his use from the grid, James opted for a dual squirrel pod system. This providing charge and discharge capacities of 7kWh, which James has the ability to scale by 3.5kWh via installing an additional squirrel pod. This ensuring when James’ electricity demand increases, the heightened discharge capabilities will ensure the batteries are being utilised instead of the grid, thus, maximising energy savings.

Via Octopus Agile and the battery modification settings available through the monitoring system app, James’ batteries will automatically charge from the grid to meet his personal needs. As a result, he has set up 4 half hourly charging periods between 00:00-08:00 and 2 between 12:00-16:00. Consequently, during these hours, the system will automatically find the cheapest times to charge his batteries to later power his home. Therefore, via his intelligent battery storage system, James significantly saves money on his electric by ensuring his grid reliance is mitigated during peak (most expensive) hours. Additionally, James can set up half hourly discharge periods, meaning that he can sell his stored energy back to the grid at a premium price. Ultimately, earning James a passive income, at a heightened rate, through his intelligent battery storage system.

Fast forward 11 months, and with the help of Octopus Energy, James has achieved impressive savings, slashing £1324 off his electricity bill.

Compared to the standard variable tariff, where James would have spent £2700, his decision to invest in battery storage and leverage Octopus Agile has resulted in a remarkable 48% reduction in his bill over the past 11 months.

Once again, this underscores the significant savings achievable through the integration of smart tariffs and battery storage solutions!

Customer comments
P4 Solar was recommended by a friend at the local cricket club. We were looking for a solar and battery installation, it was slightly complex as it is a ground mounted array we wanted. Peter, was very patient with me and felt comfortable with his advice. Having been burnt with another quote I was cautious but was really satisfied with the design and quote. Even convinced me to delay the solar install, which was the right thing even if it cost him a sale. Installation team was clever in resolving a space issue by cleverly adding a wall under the stairs which saved more space. After care have been prompt and supportive.
James Williams: Trustpilot Review
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Key Details

James Williams
Halifax, HX2
Project Completed:
System Size:
19.2 kWh
Number of Solar Panels:
Solar Battery Storage Size:
19.2 kWh
Estimated Annual Output:
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