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Squeeze Café - Hebden Bridge, HX7

squeeze cafe | hebden bridge solar panel installation
How we helped

Squeeze Café are a high user of electricity and needed a solution to reduce their energy bill. Therefore, thanks to Julian (a previous P4 customer and the owner of the property at Squeeze), P4 got in touch to help combat their energy crisis.

However, after a full structural survey of the property, installing solar panesl to the existing roof was unfeasible. Roofs have a finite lifespan, and as they age, they become more susceptible to damage and deterioration. Therefore, due to the age and condition of the roof, a new roof was deemed necessary to accommodate the panels and the longevity of the property.

Consequently, we advised Squeeze to opt for an in-roof solar solution for 4 main reasons:

  1. Roof protection: In-roof solar panels can serve a dual purpose by acting as an additional layer of protection for the roof. They can shield the roof from weather elements and reduce the risk of damage, extending the lifespan of the roof.
  2. Wind resistance: In-roof solar panels are often installed more securely, which can enhance their resistance to strong winds and severe weather conditions. This can be important in areas prone to high winds, like Squeeze.
  3. Reduced installation costs: While the solar panels themselves might be more expensive, the reduced need for racking and mounting hardware can offset some of the added cost. Additionally, the integration of solar panels with the
    roofing system can streamline the installation process.
  4. Energy efficiency: An in-roof solar panel system can offer improved energy
    efficiency due to reduced heat buildup between the panels and the roof. This can lead to better overall performance and increased energy production.

Ultimately, once all this was diagnosed, P4 could commence the roofing and solar panels works.

Overall, the project incorporated:

1) Assessment and Planning:

  • Surveying the existing roof to determine its condition. Consequently, this led to identifying that a new roof was required, thus, utilising in-roof solar panels.
  • Calculating the energy needs and determined the size of the solar system. In result, maximising the south facing roof was the optimal solution.

2 ) Solar Panel Design:

• After studying the energy requirements and external conditions, Viridian Solar Panels and flashings were utilised for premium longevity and aesthetics. This being 2-x rows of 10 to utilise the entire south facing roof space.

3) Permitting and Approval:

  • Obtaining approval from the DNO (Distribution Network Organisation) to ensure that the works could go ahead.
  • Obtained permission from the local authority for scaffolding due to requiring street space to start the works. This was acquired and subsequently planned by P4 Solar.

4) Roof Replacement: (The necessary steps carried out to replace the roof, fit for solar panels)

  • The roof was twin peaked and contained extremely old felt which had deteriorated. Therefore, the solution was to replace the original purlins and install a heavy-duty marine ply to ensure watertightness. The new ply obtaining a 50-year warranty, heightening the roofs longevity.
  • Line the old cast iron guttering with rubber to prevent leaks.
  • Designed and installed an overflow system into the guttering to prevent further water damage to the external walls. All of which helped to complete the restoration and repair of the whole roof.
  • Install air vents to ensure that no further moisture and dampness would occur.

5) Solar Panel Installation:

  • The Viridian Solar Panels were installed via fitting sarking brackets onto the roof due to no batons being present.
  • The panels were installed with arc box enclosures attached to every DC connector. This ensuring
  • Flashings installed around the panels warranting 100% watertightness.

6) Electrical Wiring:

  • Connect the solar panels to the inverter, which converts the DC power generated by the panels to AC power, suitable for the property.
  • Utilised a hybrid inverter, which enables the addition of batteries at a later date.

7) Connection to the Grid:

  • A motivating factor for the installation at Squeeze was to sell any surplus solar back to the grid. Therefore, P4 liaised with the DNO to create an export MPAN to for Squeeze; enabling the business to earn a passive income for their surplus solar generated.

8) Monitoring and Maintenance:

  • Provided a monitoring system to keep track of the solar system’s performance.
  • Regularly inspect the system via remote monitoring and analysis; undergoing regular system updates to maintain optimum performance.

Consequently, Squeeze Café now has a 20-PV solar panel system which is future proofed for the later addition of batteries if desired. Ultimately, contributing to their large electricity bill, thus, offsetting the hikes in their commercial energy prices. Therefore, thanks to P4 Solar, Squeeze Café now has a brand-new roof, integrated with solar panels to reestablish the business’ infrastructural, economic, and environmental sustainability.

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Key Details

Squeeze Café
Hebden Bridge
Project Completed:
System Size:
8.1 KW
Number of Solar Panels:
Estimated Annual Output:
6868 kWh
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