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Solar Panels Harrogate

Let our solar panel installation experts reduce your energy bills for good.
solar panels harrogate
Want to combat rising energy costs? P4 Solar can help by supplying and installing the best solar panels for your home in Harrogate. Based locally with over 10 years’ experience, we’re a trusted one-stop shop for all your solar panel and battery needs.
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Why choose solar panels from P4 Solar?

Don’t take chances when it comes to solar power. Whether you’re in Ripon, Pateley Bridge or Weatherby, P4 Solar is an installation team you can rely on…
no hard sells

Having worked in solar energy for over a decade, we know solar panels and batteries like the back of our hands.

expert service

Our versatile team are fully trained in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar panel systems.

cut your carbon footprint
With trees planted for every solar panel / solar battery installed, P4 Solar is the green choice in more ways than one. 
local installers
And local!
As a family-run business, based right here in Yorkshire, we’re never far away when you need us.
Need help with solar panels in Harrogate? Get in touch today.
Homeowners to pay 0% VAT on solar panels
Since April 2022, solar products are VAT exempt.
The UK's initiatives to push green energy into private households and businesses is just the beginning of a green and clean future. We can only hope that this incentivises people to make energy efficient choices for their properties.

This will save you ££££s on your solar panel installation!
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solar panel installers harrogate

Trusted and accredited solar panel installers

When investing in solar panels, you want your installation to be in good hands. After all, a poor installation will only lead to problems further down the line.

For over a decade, our team has installed state-of-the-art solar panels throughout Harrogate and the surrounding areas. We are proud to be MCS-accredited installers. This accreditation recognises that we are technically competent and commited to quality workmanship and good customer care. This is re-enforced by our growing number of reviews from happy clients who comment on our excellent customer service and high standard of work.

Solar panel battery storage in Harrogate

Want to get even more back from your solar panels? A solar panel battery will store any excess for use when it’s needed. That means bigger savings on your bills, using your solar power at night or in the evenings, instead of selling it back to the grid for a low rate.

P4 Solar can advise on the best solar battery for your system and install it alongside your solar panels – or retrofit a solar battery for existing installations.

solar panel battery storage in harrogate

Recent solar panel projects near Harrogate

In Harrogate, North Yorkshire, there has been a notable increase in the demand for sustainable energy solutions. With a growing emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and transitioning to renewable energy sources, P4 Solar has emerged as a leading provider, driving a multitude of solar and battery storage installations throughout the region..


The challenge in Harrogate was twofold. Firstly, residents and businesses were seeking to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources and lower their electricity bills. Secondly, there was a growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in new build projects to meet stringent environmental standards and attract eco-conscious buyers.


P4 Solar addressed these challenges by offering tailored solar and battery storage solutions. For existing properties with solar, the focus was on providing battery-only installations to maximise energy savings and reduce dependence on the grid. This involved selecting the right battery capacity and integrating it seamlessly with existing solar panels to optimize energy usage.

In new build projects, P4 Solar collaborated closely with builders and developers to incorporate solar panels from the outset. By integrating solar energy systems during the construction phase, P4 Solar ensured that properties were equipped with efficient and sustainable energy solutions from day one.


  1. Assessment and Design: P4 Solar conducted thorough assessments of properties to determine the optimal placement of solar panels and battery storage units. For battery-only installations, the team analysed energy consumption patterns to size the batteries correctly.
  2. Installation: Skilled technicians from P4 Solar carried out the installation process with precision and efficiency. For battery-only solutions, the team ensured seamless integration with existing solar panels and conducted rigorous testing to verify system performance.
  3. New Build Collaboration: P4 Solar collaborated closely with builders and developers throughout the construction process of new build projects. This involved coordinating the installation of solar panels and ensuring compliance with building regulations and environmental standards.


The implementation of solar and battery storage solutions in Harrogate yielded significant benefits for residents and businesses. Customers experienced reduced energy bills, increased energy independence, and enhanced sustainability. New build properties equipped with solar panels gained a competitive edge in the market, appealing to environmentally conscious buyers.


Through its innovative approach and dedication to sustainability, P4 Solar has made a significant impact on the adoption of solar and battery storage solutions in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. By addressing the unique challenges faced by residents and businesses, P4 Solar has empowered the community to embrace renewable energy and contribute to a greener future.

Contact P4 Solar today to explore how solar and battery storage solutions can benefit your property in Harrogate.

Recent solar panel projects in Halifax

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Solar panels Harrogate FAQs

How much do solar panels cost?

Solar panel prices vary based on the size of the system, the types of panels, and of course who’s installing them. To give you a rough idea of costs, our solar installs start from £3995 and batteries from £2850. P4 Solar will always provide a no-obligation quote, so you can assess the cost of solar panels, then make an informed decision. The first step is for us to book a free survey. We will visit you at your property and conduct a full assessment. Using the information gathered, we will be able to recommend solutions for your home, give you an idea of how much power the solution would produce at all different times of the year and let you know all the associated costs.

Where do you install solar panels?

Because we’re local to Harrogate, our team can reach all parts of the town and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a terraced house in Beckwithshaw or a detached property in Calcutt, you can count on us for a prompt response.

How long will installation take?

The process is usually completed in 1-3 days. Solar panel installation naturally takes longer for bigger properties. Our team can advise on installation times as part of a solar energy survey at your property. Rest assured, we’ll work around your schedule wherever possible to minimise disruption.

Are you MCS accredited installers?

Yes! Our team are fully trained and we are proud to be accredited by renewable energy organisations including the Microgeneration Certification Scheme
(MCS). You need an MCS certificate to guarantee access to an energy provider's export tariff. There is no other scheme that covers products and installers accredited in accordance with ISO17065.
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