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Are Battery Storage Solutions Worth It?

If you’re fed up with the increase in energy prices, seeking a battery solution should be something to really consider. Nonetheless, adding batteries to your solar system obviously increases the initial cost so it's important to understand whether it's financially feasible from the initial outlay. However, it's vital to note that if you choose to purchase a hybrid inverter from the point of installation, you can add batteries to your system at any given time. Therefore, don’t feel like you have to rush into purchasing batteries with your solar from the get go.

Understating the benefits of battery storage

Furthermore, understanding the benefits of batteries to your property will largely depend on your energy profile. For example, if a 9-5 business is looking for solar panels, batteries would have a limited purpose as the energy created throughout the day will be utilised in day-to-day operations. Evening consumption will be limited, if not fully mitigated, thus the storing of energy for evening use would have little value. However, for users who are out of their property for most of the day and or have a reduced afternoon consumption, the energy generated from the solar panels can be stored for later use. Therefore, it would be extremely beneficial for long term energy savings to adopt a battery solution as users wouldn’t have to purchase energy from the grid at peak prices. In addition, depending what tariff you’re on, users have the ability to download cheap energy at off-peak rates to fill up their batteries. Thus, if you are a high user of energy, utilising both your solar system and fully charged batteries will enable great energy savings – especially in the winter months.

In addition, the battery solutions we adopt at P4 obtain management systems via app integration where the customer can monitor usage whilst format a variety of settings to charge and discharge their batteries at different times. At our back office, we have access to all our customers' systems so we can overview the maintenance of the solar/battery solution and make any necessary changes if required. For example, if you’re going on holiday for 2 weeks, for that period via the app you can sell all the energy you generate back to the grid. Additionally, the system technology also enables you to automatically trade energy back to the grid at peak times which can passively earn you money via specialised settings. Please watch this video below to view an example of the battery management system we provide at P4 and how it works for the user.


A battery storage solution will allow you to:

  • Store excess energy generated to use at a later time rather than paying the grid.
  • Buy energy from the grid at off-peak prices to fill up your batteries and use at a later time.
  • Trade excess energy to the grid during peak times to earn money.
  • View and change settings with app integration for specialised energy needs.
  • Have an emergency backup if a power cut occurs.

Importantly, you don’t need to have solar panels to adopt a battery solution. Due to these benefits, many users are purchasing large battery solutions to download lots of energy at the cheapest rates. All in all, many benefits can be derived from battery adoption, however, understanding the significance to you is imperative.

Feel free to contact us to find out additional information about battery solutions and understand the suitability of them for your property.

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